Tips to star using Kuaderno:

  1. Make sure all your students have their individual logins and passwords.
  2. Do a short demo in class
  3. Ask your students to read a book or do an exercise at home
  4. Ask your students to select their favourite monster!

Tips to encourage your students:

  1. Show the list of points in class as a way to congratulate your students.
  2. Use Kuaderno during class on a electronic whiteboart.
  3. Use the audio from the books for dictation and test in class
  4. Use the gamification! Show the passport area and teach how to win points, money or arwards

Happy learning!

The Kuaderno team

We are here to help

If you need help, please send us an email to with any questions. We are sure that Kuaderno content will help your students to excel.

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