Kuaderno is a virtual learning platform that helps students aged 5 to 16 practice and learn English through readings, exercises and games. Hundreds of thousands of students are strengthening their skills in English with Kuaderno by practicing different areas of language such as reading, writing, listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.

#1 The Kuaderno Method

There are four main sections for students in Kuaderno:


-The Bookroom is a virtual library with over 300 audiobooks organized in 26 levels of difficulty.

The Trainer contains over 30,000 ejercicios that have been designed to learn and practice English like a game, with sections for vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing.

-On the Classwall, students can exchange messages with their classmates. Teachers can also read and respond.

-The Passport section makes a game out of reading books and doing exercises. Students have a mission to visit cities virtually and buy virtual souvenirs.

Visit our help section for students to learn more about how each section of Kuaderno works.

We recommend that children use Kuaderno at least twice a week for about 15 minutes. If they have more time, it’s extremely beneficial to use Kuaderno every day. In just 15 minutes a day, your children can read a book in the Bookroom and complete a quiz, or do an exercise or two in the Trainer. They will earn points and virtual coins as they complete activities, which makes studying fun.

#2 Our 5 Tips for Parents


  1. Access Kuaderno with your child the first time. Show your child how to click on the “Play” button, how to turn the page, how to pause and re-start the recording, how to re-play the recording by clicking on any word in the book, how to take (and re-take) the quiz and how to change the avatar. Congratulate your child on the points s/he earns in the first session.

  2. Encourage your child(ren) to use Kuaderno twice a week for about 15 minutes. Ask them how many points and coins they earned and motivate them to read books or do exercises in the Trainer.

  3. Register as a parent with your email address and learn how to get the most out of the parent area.

  4. Let your child(ren) use Kuaderno like a game. They can “play” anywhere (in the car, at the beach, waiting for the dentist…). Kuaderno works on any computer, mobile device or tablet with an Internet connection.

  5. Encourage your child(ren) to write messages on the Classwall and to complete the mission in Passport.

#3 Register as a parent of a student who has Kuaderno through a school

If your child(ren) use Kuaderno at school, the first time that you access Kuaderno, you will be asked to provide a parent’s email address to associate with the student’s license.

You must fill out the full name of the student.

And enter your email address.

Create your parent password.

You’ll receive a link to verify your request in your email and you must click on it to activate your account.

Once you have clicked on the link, the account verification process is complete.

You can access the parent area where you can follow your child(ren)‘s progress as well as modify some of their information.

#4 How to use the Parent Area

To access the Parent Area, go to Kuaderno and click on login para padres y profesores.Enter your email address and password.

The first thing you’ll see is the Home tab where you can see your child(ren)’s most recent activities.

In the Students tab, you can see the list of students that are associated with your email address.

When you click on a student’s name, you can see: full name, password, student username, points, coins and levels. You can modify some of these fields, but be sure to click on “Save changes” after you make changes so that your modifications are saved.

In the Reports tab, you can see detailed reports about your child(ren)’s progress in Kuaderno.

In the My Account tab, you can see your own information such as your name and email address. You can also change your password as well as activate and de-activate options for receiving reports and Kuaderno newsletters by email. Remember, always click “Save changes” after making any changes.

If your children’s school has acquired a Kuaderno license through a subscription plan, you can see the status of the license that you purchased and activate or de-activate automatic renewal in the License tab.

#5 How to purchase and use a Family license

If your child(ren)‘s school doesn’t use Kuaderno, you can acquire a family license for your children. Go to this page to learn more about licenses, pricing and promotions. To purchase a family license:

Fill out the form to register as a family. We will ask for your credit card information, but we will not charge you until the free trial period has expired.

We’ll send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to access the parent area and create licenses for your child(ren).